Zendure, a fast-growing energy technology startup known for its innovative SolarFlow and AIO 2400 products, will be on-site at the French Grand Prix with its solutions and will support the BOÉ Motorsports team.

This initiative marks Zendure’s strategic entry into the French market. With a commitment to sustainability, Zendure will support two drivers, David Muñoz and Joel Kelso, throughout their races around the world with its sustainable energy resources. Dynamic Entry into the French Grand Prix 2024 with Sustainable Energy Solutions

The French Motorcycle Grand Prix is an event that is part of the FIM World Motorcycle Speed Championships season. The Le Mans Grand Prix circuit is known for its tight corners that often require late braking and sudden accelerations, with propulsion playing a key role.

The BOÉ Motorsports team has had a good start to the 2024 season with the new driver duo of Joel Kelso and David Muñoz, who have so far found themselves on the podium six times. To support the drivers and the BOÉ Motorsports team, Zendure provides them with SuperBase V, SuperBase M, and SuperBase Pro, which bring clean and sustainable energy to equipment and technical tools, as well as to the electronic devices of visitors (such as smartphones, tablets, or laptops).

A Green Impact Born from Zendure’s Commitment to Sustainability

Following the recent presentation by MotoGP of the new motorcycles and regulations for 2027, the collaboration with Zendure and the use of sustainable energy storage solutions is an important pillar for improving sustainability.

“We aim for a green and positive impact on the environment, as MotoGP places even more emphasis on sustainability in its new regulations,” said Jolene Shang, Marketing Director at Zendure. “The French market being important to us, we are eager to integrate our products into the mindset of a larger audience during the race in France, which will give us the opportunity to provide explanations on-site and allow French fans easier access to our products.”