Santa Clara-based biotech leader, Vibrant Wellness, has announced its expansion into the UK market. The company, renowned for its specialty precision lab testing, is set to enhance patient care through its innovative blend of biotechnology, software solutions, and academic research.

COO Vasanth Jayaraman expressed excitement about introducing their advanced diagnostics to Europe, emphasizing the commitment to healthcare innovation in the region and the goal of providing personalized care tools to healthcare professionals.

Vibrant Wellness stands out with its CAP accreditation, signifying adherence to the highest quality standards in laboratory operations, as recognized by the College of American Pathologists.

The company’s entry into the UK brings a suite of precision testing options, including advanced toxin detection, gut health analysis, food reaction identification, and longevity support through novel tests like the Oxidative Stress Profile.

At the forefront of innovation, Vibrant’s proprietary 3Dense microchip technology promises unparalleled accuracy and sensitivity, marking a significant advancement for practitioners focusing on individualized care.

As a CLIA-certified lab, Vibrant Wellness is committed to transforming health and wellness through comprehensive testing, driving modern medicine and research with high-quality, personalized health analytics.

Note: Vibrant tests, developed by Vibrant America LLC, are not FDA cleared or approved.

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