KARACHI: In a significant move to streamline customs procedures and enhance the efficiency of tax operations, the Karachi Customs Agents Association has nominated Arshad Khurshid as the Honorary Coordinator for Customs Matters in the Karachi region. This strategic nomination, recommended by the association itself, is set to bring a proactive approach to the resolution of issues faced by customs clearing agents.

Arshad Khurshid has held the position of general secretary twice and is the incumbent president of the Karachi Customs Agents Association. In addition, he has fulfilled the role of election commission appellant authority for the Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FPCCI) over the past three years. His contributions have been recognized and commended by the Directorate General of Trade Organizations (DGTO).

Mr. Khurshid’s role will encompass a broad range of responsibilities aimed at improving the customs clearance process. He will be the key liaison between the Federal Tax Ombudsman (FTO) office and various business entities, including local Chambers of Commerce & Industry, trade associations, and market associations. His efforts will focus on presenting and resolving the challenges and concerns of customs clearing agents to the FTO advisors.

A significant part of his mandate is to identify and implement methods that enhance the efficiency and integrity of the tax machinery. Mr. Khurshid will also work towards developing and nurturing a constructive relationship between the FTO office and the business community, ensuring that the office remains in sync with the stakeholders’ needs and expectations.

As a bridge between the private sector and FTO offices, he will gather recommendations, views, and comments from the business circles on potential changes, improvements, or updates to the existing tax laws, procedures, and policies. His role as a positive representative of the taxpayers is expected to foster a more taxpayer-friendly environment.

The Karachi Customs Agents Association is confident that Mr. Khurshid’s appointment will lead to a more streamlined and effective customs process, benefiting the entire business community and contributing to the region’s economic growth. Mr. Khurshid is also entrusted with any additional tasks that may be assigned by the Honourable Federal Tax Ombudsman in the future.