Quetta Customs seized foreign goods worth more than 3 billion rupees during the first two months of January and February. The seized goods include sugar, cigarettes, cloth, petrol diesel, betel nuts, non-custom paid vehicles and other items.

All the field enforcement units and mobile squads in the jurisdiction of Quetta Customs have made the current seizure cases.

Other law enforcement agencies cooperated fully during the operations.

The joint check posts, which consist of different law enforcement agencies, have shown the best performance.

All the field enforcement units of Quetta Customs are once again functional under an organized mechanism and the best check and balance system, and are engaged in a difficult and scarce operation in the far-flung areas of the province.

Under the supervision of Chief Collector Abdul Qadir Memon,

Collector Muhammad Ismail, assisted by Additional Collector Rashid Munir and Deputy Collector Shah Faisal and other staff, are working day and night against smuggling.