Karachi: The Directorate of Intelligence and Investigation-Customs, Karachi (DII-C) has seized a huge consignment of smuggled auto spare parts from a warehouse in S.I.T.E area, Karachi, on Wednesday.

The value of the seized goods is estimated to be around Rs 450 million, according to a press release issued by the DII-C. This is the latest in a series of raids conducted by the DII-C as part of its ongoing crackdown against smuggling of auto parts, which has resulted in the recovery of smuggled goods worth Rs 2.2 billion approximately in the recent past.

The raid was carried out on the basis of credible information received by the Director General of Customs Intelligence, Mr. Faiz Ahmad Chadhar, who directed the DII-C Karachi to take swift action. The DII-C team, led by Director Mr. Habib Ahmad, raided the warehouse and found a large quantity of smuggled auto spare parts, including engines, gearboxes, radiators, tyres, and other accessories.

The owner of the warehouse tried to evade the DII-C team by presenting old import documents to justify the possession of the goods. However, a thorough examination of the sales tax returns corresponding to the import documents revealed that the auto parts imported against those documents had already been sold in the market, confirming the suspicion that the goods found in the warehouse were smuggled into the country.

The DII-C team seized the smuggled goods and initiated legal proceedings against the owner of the warehouse and his accomplices. The DII-C is also conducting further investigations to uncover the network of smugglers, financiers, and facilitators involved in this massive smuggling operation.

The Director General of Customs Intelligence, Mr. Faiz Ahmad Chadhar, appreciated the efforts of the DII-C Karachi team and commended the performance of Director Mr. Habib Ahmad, Additional Director Mr. Afzaal Wattoo, Deputy Director Mr. Wasif Malik, Appraising Officer Mr. Asad Shabbir, and other staff members who participated in the successful raid. He also urged the DII-C to continue its vigilance and enforcement against smuggling activities in the country.