KARACHI: The Customs Appraisement East has issued a notification to all its officers and officials to ensure strict scrutiny of Electronic Import Forms (EIFs) and Goods Declarations (GDs) in order to prevent misdeclaration of imported goods.

The notification states that no GD will be processed in the Web Based One Customs (WeBOC) System if the item declared in the GD does not match the item allowed to be imported in the EIF.

The EIF is a mandatory document for all imports that requires the importer to provide details of the goods, the value, the quantity, the beneficiary name and address, and the bank that authorized the import.

The notification also instructs the officers and officials to check the value authorized in the EIF with the declared consumption and invoice of transaction value. If any discrepancy is observed, the officers and officials must consult the concerned bank and verify the credentials of the EIF, including the value consumed on EIF against each GD. The notification warns that if the response of the concerned bank does not support the contention of the importer, then legal proceedings will be initiated invariably, under relevant provisions of law.

The notification is aimed at curbing the practice of misdeclaration of imports, which causes loss of revenue to the government and harms the domestic industry. Misdeclaration of imports can involve understating the value, quantity, or description of the goods, or importing goods that are prohibited, restricted, or subject to anti-dumping duties. The Customs Appraisement East is responsible for the assessment and clearance of imported goods at the Karachi port, which handles about 60% of the country’s trade.