KARACHI: In a recent development, Director General of Customs Intelligence, Mr. Faiz Ahmad Chadhar, relayed credible information to Director I&I Karachi Engineer Habib and Additional Director Afzaal Wattoo regarding a substantial stash of smuggled Spark Plugs and spare parts located in a warehouse in S.I.T.E Area, Karachi.

Responding promptly, Deputy Director Wasif Malik assembled a team led by Superintendent ASO Irshad Shah and AO Asad Shabbir. Covert surveillance by Customs Intelligence staff pinpointed the target area, leading to the confirmation of the warehouse.

On the evening of November 11, 2023, a team comprised of Deputy Director and Superintendent Anti-Smuggling Organisation of Customs Intelligence, Karachi conducted a raid on the identified premises. The operation resulted in the discovery of a vast quantity of smuggled Spark Plugs and other auto parts of Japanese origin, with an approximate market value of Rs. 1.5 billion. Legal proceedings have been initiated, and ongoing investigations aim to unveil the masterminds, financiers, and executors behind this extensive smuggling operation.

This revelation comes on the heels of a previous raid on September 31, 2023, where a substantial quantity of smuggled Spark Plugs of Chinese origin, valued at Rs. 169 million, was seized from a Godown in Phase I, D.H.A Karachi. An FIR has been lodged, and investigations are in progress.

In addition to these significant operations, the Directorate has successfully seized over 2 million sticks of foreign-origin smuggled cigarettes, along with miscellaneous goods, in two operations conducted at different locations in Saddar Area, Karachi, with an estimated value of 100 million.

Director General Mr. Faiz Ahmad Chadhar commended the efforts of Customs Intelligence, Karachi, urging the officers and staff to intensify their endeavors in curbing smuggling activities in the region. In the month of November 2023 alone, the Directorate of Customs Intelligence, Karachi has initiated 25 cases, amounting to over Rs. 2.045 billion. Over the past five months, a total of 153 seizure cases, valued at 4.549 billion, have been undertaken. The Directorate acknowledged the crucial support of Pakistan Rangers, Sindh, and Sindh Police in their collaborative efforts to combat the menace of smuggling.