QUETTA: Some false information about Inspector Hamid Habib of Customs Intelligence Quetta has been spread on social media by some people who have a grudge against him, an official said.

The fake news claimed that Inspector Hamid Habib was involved in corruption and murder of a vehicle driver, but the official denied these allegations and said that no such incident had ever happened, and that Inspector Hamid Habib was not part of any shooting case.

The official praised Inspector Hamid Habib as a competent officer who played a key role in the anti-smuggling campaign. He said that it was not uncommon for Customs officers and officials to face negative propaganda and baseless complaints from some elements who were unhappy with their actions against smuggling.

He clarified that the only incident where a smuggler’s associate was killed in a shootout with Customs Enforcement Quetta occurred at Almo Chowk earlier this month.

He said that this was an operation of Customs Enforcement, and that Inspector Hamid Habib worked for Customs Intelligence and Investigation Quetta, which was a different department.