Karachi: Former President FPCCI and Head of Businessmen Panel Sindh, Mian Naseer Hyatt Maggo, gave an important suggestion to the government regarding how to increase the exports of Pakistan.

 Naseer Hyatt Maggo said in a conversation with the media. There is a need to fully consider how the declining exports can be increased, if the exports are to be increased, the trade with regional countries should be opened. Land routes for trade from Pakistan to regional countries are closed, the government has issued an SRO for barter trade, in butter trade it has only been mentioned which countries and which goods will be traded, but a clearing house for butter trade.

Naseer Hyatt Maggo said that FPCCI had an important meeting with the Ministry of Commerce on barter trade, if the government formally allows FPCCI to become a clearing house, the trade will be greatly benefited. For this, a formal notification should be issued to give permission to FPCCI to build a clearing house because the butter trader will have to contact the clearing house itself. Barter trade will be able to do all the transactions while barter trade will enable Pakistan to deliver its products to regional countries by land route.