KARACHI: United Business Group (UBG), the representative organization of Pakistan’s business community in FPCCI, in the Upper House of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, has asked for the salaries of the members of the Senate, including the Senate Chairman, Deputy Chairman, Leader of the Opposition and Leader of the House.

The approval of the amendment bill to increase the benefits has been described as a severe blow to the poor people who are crushed in the country’s current economic conditions and inflation.

The UBG leaders said that it is surprising that Senator Kehda Babar When this bill was presented in the House, he said that the approval of these bills will not have any effect on the country’s treasury, while the fact is that the country’s treasury is close to being empty, and the help of friendly countries has to be taken to show the dollars in the treasury. While the IMF has also refused to give a loan, in these circumstances and hastily passing a bill presented by a private member is tantamount to making a joke at the international level.

The UBG leader said that It seems that all the parties involved in the current government passed these laws with behind-the-scenes collusion at a time when Pakistan is going through the worst economic crisis, foreign investment has stopped and the domestic industries are facing many problems. They are fighting for survival and in the Upper House, the Senate Chairman, Deputy Chairman, Leader of the Opposition and the Leader of the House including the members of the Senate will have an increase in their salaries and benefits, the children of the current Chairman of the Senate, the children of the former Chairman of the Senate and their family members will live a life of luxury and comfort on government expenses.

And in case of illness, the treatment can be done abroad at the government expense. In this regard, UBG President Zubair Tufail, Chairman Sindh Zone Khalid Tawab, Secretary General (Sindh Region) Hanif Gohar, former Vice President Tariq Haleem also financially supported. But the bill approving huge benefits for the chairman of the senate, the speaker of the national assembly, the former chairman of the senate and the members of the senate is a joke with the nation, the question is whether there is the best hospital in Pakistan. Our rulers and members of Parliament will go abroad for treatment at government expense.

The surprising thing is that two former Senate Chairman Raza Rabbani and Farooq Naik, opposition leader Senator Shahzad Waseem are also included, whereas in the past these personalities were all such.

We believe that the President of the State should not give final approval to this bill because if the bill is passed, then as a result, all the current, former and future Senate Chairman have been given these privileges and facilities from the taxpayers’ pockets. will go while the country is already facing a reduction in tax revenue. Pakistan’s business leaders said that it is also sad that every chairman of the Senate after completing his tenure (i.e. post-retirement) will get 12 employees and 6 guards for life on a permanent basis as well as wherever he goes. VIP security will be provided, they will be able to book flights for themselves and their children and families for domestic and international travel, which means that our Senate Chairman can enjoy more privileges than the President of the United States. While we are already suffering from difficulties and the treasury is emptying. The UBG leaders demanded the President and the Prime Minister to oppose this privileged bill.