In line with the directive of Member Customs Mukaram Jah Ansari and Chief Collector Baluchistan Mohammad Saleem, Customs Quetta has launched a major operation to curb smuggling activities involving edible commodities. The intensified efforts have resulted in significant seizures and the recovery of illicit goods with an estimated value of Rs 180 million.

The Lakpass field enforcement unit, under the command of Customs Quetta, played a crucial role in apprehending the smugglers. During a targeted operation, the unit successfully seized a staggering 21,000 parcels of sugar along with five NCP vehicles, tyres, and FO cigarettes. Furthermore, customs officials also confiscated substantial amounts of betel nut, electronics, urea, and fuel.

The seizure of these illegal goods serves as a stern warning to smugglers operating in the region, highlighting the government’s unwavering commitment to combating illicit trade. The confiscated sugar, in particular, is expected to significantly impact the smuggling network across the province.

The successful operation was carried out under the direct supervision of Collector Enforcement Quetta Irfanullah Khan and Additional Collector Umer Shafiq. The meticulous planning and execution of the operation were led by Deputy Collector Asad Aleem and his diligent ASO (Anti-Smuggling Organization) team, comprising inspectors Muhammad Khalid, Ishaq George, and Adnan Aleezi.

Customs Quetta’s proactive stance against smuggling activities is in line with the government’s larger agenda to safeguard the country’s economy and protect local industries from unfair competition. The seized goods, once properly documented and accounted for, will be handed over to relevant authorities for further legal proceedings.

The Customs Quetta officials have expressed their commitment to maintaining the momentum and intensifying their efforts to dismantle smuggling networks across the region. They encourage the public to report any suspicious activities related to smuggling in order to ensure a safer and more prosperous future for the province and the country as a whole.

The recent successes of Customs Quetta’s operations against smugglers of edible commodities have sent a strong message, signaling that the authorities are determined to root out illegal trade and protect the interests of legitimate businesses and consumers alike.