Karachi: In a recent development aimed at combating the fake/flying invoice mafia, the Directorate of I&I-IR in Karachi has successfully prevented a key accused in a fake invoice scam from leaving the country. The move comes as part of the authorities’ determination to crack down on the rampant fraudulent practices that have resulted in substantial financial losses to the national exchequer.

Following credible information regarding the mastermind behind the recently unearthed fake invoices scam attempting to escape, the prosecution swiftly filed an application in the Court of Special Judge Custom & Taxation in Karachi. The application sought the attachment of the passport of the accused, identified as ‘HAB,’ who had previously obtained protective bail from the High Court and interim pre-arrest bail from the Trial Court but had failed to cooperate with the ongoing investigation.

After careful consideration of the application, the Court ordered the Director of the Federal Investigation & Immigration in Karachi to submit a report on the matter and issued a notice to the accused, directing him to cooperate fully with the investigation. Furthermore, the Court explicitly forbade the accused from leaving the country without prior permission from the Court.

The authorities at the anti-fraud agency of Inland Revenue emphasized the urgency of eliminating the fake/flying invoice menace that has plagued the country and caused billions of rupees in losses to the national exchequer. This recent move by the Directorate of I&I-IR in Karachi highlights their determination to bring those involved in such fraudulent activities to justice and protect the country’s financial interests.

The efforts to combat the fake/flying invoice mafia are part of a broader initiative by the Pakistani government to strengthen the tax system, ensure fair revenue collection, and deter illicit financial practices. The authorities have vowed to pursue all leads and take decisive actions against those involved in fraudulent activities to restore trust in the nation’s economic framework.