KARACHI: Sharjeel Jamal, Convener FPCCI Advisory Council on Trade Regulatory Laws, has invited the members to the 4th meeting of the Advisory Committee on May 20, 2023.

Sharjeel Jamal and Shabbir Masan Mansha, Vice President and Head of the Committee, will discuss the new BOI initiatives regarding Regulatory Laws with the members.

The meeting will also initiate drafting letters to various regulators to highlight the current difficulties of trade.

Follow up with members of FPCCI’s Advisory Committee on Trade & Regulatory Laws; Issues of trade disputes, regulatory compliance and associated laws are also on the agenda.

The Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry FPCCI has confirmed the members of FPCCI Advisory council on trade regulatory laws for 2023.

Following are their names:

Mr. Faisal Khan Lincoln Group, Karachi.

Mr. Agha Shahid Majeed Khan Agha Shahid & Associates, Karachi.

Mr. Tariq Bin Usman Siddique X-Pert Enterprises, Karachi.

Mr. Muhammad Anis Sim Lim International, Karachi.

Mr Kashif Javaid SJS International, Karachi.

Sheikh Muhammad Ahab ISM Enterprises, Karachi.

Mr. Muhammad lqbal lqbal and Saleem, Karachi.

Mr. M. Nauman Younus Pauli Power Company Limited, Islamabad.

Mr. Muhammad Javed Janoda Germin Shipping & Trading Company, Karachi.

Mr. Man All Shaikh Lincoln Business Associates, Karachi.