KARACHI: President Karachi Chamber of Commerce & Industry (KCCI) Mohammed Tariq Yousuf, in response to concerns expressed by delegation members from Alliance of Arambagh Markets Association over raids conducted by FBR’s Intelligence & Investigations (I&I), assured that this particular issue was discussed with Directorate General Intelligence & Investigations and they have assured that no such illegal raids will be conducted from now onwards.

“Shopkeepers must immediately bring any such raid incident to KCCI’s notice and we will approach the high-ups at FBR on top priority so that no injustice is done to any innocent shopkeeper, he added while exchanging views at a meeting during the visit of a delegation from Alliance of Arambagh Markets Association led by its Chairman Asif Gulfam.

Senior Vice President Touseef Ahmed, Vice President Haris Agar, Chairman Special Committee for Small Traders Majeed Memon, Former President Shamim Ahmed Firpo, KCCI Managing Committee Members and a large number of Arambagh delegation members were also present on the occasion.

President KCCI further advised shopkeepers that any such illegal raid conducted by the officials in which goods have been confiscated in the recent past may also be shared with KCCI and this Chamber will make all out efforts to amicably get the issue resolved at the earliest possible time.

He said that Karachi Chamber has been trying its best to deal with numerous issues pertaining to law and order, income tax and other issues being faced by small traders and shopkeepers of Karachi city. “Anyone facing problems in dealing with authorities should approach KCCI as our door remain always open for small traders and shopkeepers”, he added.

Chairman Special Committee for Small Traders Majeed Memon, in his remarks, urged small traders and shopkeepers to get united under KCCI’s umbrella and participate densely in KCCI’s activities which would help in promptly bringing numerous issues to this Chamber’s notice and strategies will accordingly be devised on how to deal with the problems.

Speaking on the occasion, Chairman Alliance of Arambagh Market Asif Gulfam appreciated the efforts being made by Majeed Memon who has been working really hard to resolve numerous issues being faced by shopkeepers and has been able to keep them fully united.

He said that despite paying taxes, the business community of Karachi remains deprived of basic facilities and suffers badly due to poor roads infrastructure, water, electricity and other issues. “KCCI should help us in dealing with these issues so that the working atmosphere at the commercial market, which is in bad shape, could be improved to some extent.”

Asif Gulfam said that Arambagh area faces serious parking issue which needs to be resolved. In this regard, an underground parking area can be established at Arambagh Park which would certainly help in dealing with the parking issue, he added while requesting KCCI to convince the authorities for setting up this important project.

Members of Arambagh Markets Association, while sharing the hardships being faced by them in dealing with I&I Officials, said that during raids conducted late night, I&I officials break into dozens of shops and confiscate goods with an only intention to harass the shopkeepers to seek bribes. They said that once their demands are fulfilled, the confiscated goods are released otherwise, the shopkeepers have to suffer for several months and face serious monetary losses in many cases.