LAHORE: The Directorate of Intelligence & Investigation-Customs, Regional Office, Lahore has successfully sailed through the 3rd quarter of fiscal year 2022-23 (Jan 23–Mar 23) by putting up stringent measures against the menace of smuggling and evasion of duty & taxes.

Customs Intelligence Lahore has ensured meticulous implementation of tax laws, administrative processes and procedures within the broader contours of guidelines laid down by FBR.

Mr Faiz Ahmad Chadhar, Director General, Customs Intelligence persistently encouraged and guided in all respective areas and proved to be the key driving force behind unprecedented performance. Ms. Saima Shehzad, Director, Customs Intelligence Lahore brought in to use all available resources with emphasis on Human Resource efficiently, and achieved impeccable results for the Directorate. Ch. Rizwan Bashir Kalair, Additional Director monitored all the operations and personally led the field operations. Mr. Ali Asad, Deputy Director, supervised the teams during intel based operations. Brief details of achievements of the Directorate are as under:-


Customs Intelligence Lahore range registered “115” seizures cases during the 3rd quarter involving PKR 1448 million in comparison to 99 cases involving PKR 1421 million during the 3rd quarter of the previous financial year (2021-22).

ASO wing of Customs Intelligence Lahore seized huge quantities of smuggled goods including but not limited to cloth/fabric (18,743 KGs), betel nuts / Areca nut (14,642 KGs), tyres (288 Nos.), auto parts (79000 KGs), cigarettes (6,276 Dandaas / bars), chewable tobacco (1020 tins) and huge quantities of other goods like copper, galvanized steel wire monosodium glutamate etc.

It is noteworthy that “58” vehicles were seized by Lahore Intelligence during Jan 23 – Mar 23 in comparison to “16” vehicles seized in corresponding quarter of last year. These vehicles included Toyota Land Cruisers (07), Mercedes Benz cars (01), BMW cars (01), Range Rover (02), Toyota Prius (06), Toyota Vitz (07), Toyota Mark-X (03), Toyota Hilux Surf (02), Nissan Sky line (01), Toyota Aqua (07), Toyota Passo (01), Daihatsu Mira (01) and Honda Accord cars (02). These vehicles also include seizures of heavy bikes of different make and kind (17).

Special Features:

          Highest ever single month seizures of NDP vehicles record was made (32 Vehicles in February 2023)

          Non- traditional techniques like tracking back the dealers of NCP vehicles from online sources (internet, Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp groups) were used.

          Saving the society from harmful expired or counterfeit products including cigarettes, Liquor, betel nuts and chewable tobacco. Seizures of some perishable items were made and strict action was taken against such criminals.

Key achievers: Ch. Rizwan Bashir Kalair (Additional Director), Ali Asad (Deputy Director), Rai Waqar (Superintendent), Aslam Iqbal (I.O), Ahtisham Naveed (IO)

Investigation & Prosecution (I&P)

I&P Branch of this Directorate lodged 07 FIRs during 3rd quarter of this fiscal year. Organized gangs involved in smuggling of goods and vehicles have also been busted during this period and the criminal proceedings have been initiated against accused persons. Further, assiduous attempts are underway to arrest the other culprits.

Key achievers: Ch. Rizwan Bashir Kalair (Additional Director), Shah Samad Hamdani (Deputy Director), Rai Waqar (Superintendent), Usman Azad (IO), Akmal Shehbaz (IO)

Revenue Realization:

The Auction branch registered an increase of 34% in disposals as goods / lots worth PKR 192 million were disposed of through public auction during 3rd quarter of FY 2022-23 compared to 144 million PKR realized in last year’s corresponding quarter.

Furthermore, 40 million PKR has been realized through redemption of goods against payment of duty & taxes. It is noteworthy that during current financial year revenue realized in first nine months is 485 million vs 323 million for the previous financial year, which is 50% higher.

Key achievers: Ch. Rizwan Bashir Kalair (Additional Director), Muhammad Anwar (Assistant Director), Abdul Hameed Bhatti (IO), Fida Hussain (IO)

Director General Customs Intelligence Islamabad, Ch. Faiz Ahmad Chadhar, lauded extraordinary achievement of Anti-smuggling branch of Lahore Intelligence highlighting that the achievement of highest number of “58” seizures of vehicles valuing 590 million PKR in one quarter marking an increase of 262% is unprecedented.

115 seizures with lesser staff (33% lesser in comparison to the previous year) was truly remarkable and enviable feat.

The team of Customs Intelligence Lahore has resolved to continue working at the same pace (i.e. 24/7) against smuggling networks and tax evaders in order to contribute their share in Pakistan Customs’ basic function of defending economic frontiers of the country.