KARACHI: Directorate of IPR Enforcement (IPRE) made 08 cases of IPR violation since September 2022. The directorate is created for enforcement of IPR laws of Pakistan especially at the import and export stage.

After assuming charge in September 2022, the new IPRE team comprising of Director Ms. Zeba Azhar, Addtitional Director Mr. Javed Sarwar Shaikh and Assistant Director Mr. Manoo Mal Gulwani have adhered to a policy of strict action against IPRE infringing goods as per law.

It is however ensured that the proper procedure laid down vide relevant law and rules be strictly adhered to so that unnecessary harassment and litigation be avoided.

It is the result of this policy that the Directorate has made 08 cases of violation of IPR comprising purses, empty perfumes cans, grinding disc, garments, cosmetics and etc. since September 2022 out of which only 01 seizure have been forwarded for adjudication whereas in rest of the consignments that importers voluntarily surrendered their goods which have been forfeited as per law.

Besides, in order in create awareness among general public an extended and more organized gallery for proper display of items seized/forfeited by the Directorate has been made which will be inaugurated shortly.