KARACHI: Burying the rule of neccessity, a five member bench of Supreme Court of Pakistan declared the facist ruling of Deputy Speaker Qasim Suri which termed the No Confidence Motion as an “international conspiracy” un-constitutional.

The decision ended the constitutional  crisis since April 03 and now the parliament is expected to complete five year term. The historic judgement fixes April 9, for voting on No Confidence Motion which if carried will remove Imran Khan from premiershio but with greater disgrace.

If the voting was held on April 03, Imran may have saved himself from worst insult. Kaptan as per reports will not digest this defeat on legal front and may resign along with his MNAs to stir another constitutional crisis.

A master of U-turns he may take any other course damaging “fair play” rules.
Off course, he may have many more surprises but with present aides he is likely to face more and more insult.