KARACHI: Federal Information Mmister Fawad Chaudhry who also holds charge of Ministry of Law, fails to distinguish between the plain words “foreign” and International.

His government is pointing to a conspiracy hatched by United State of America with the assistance of combined opposition inside Pakistan and terms it to be an international conspiracy, a definition which is out of box as if only America is involved it could be termed a foreign conspiracy and could be termed international conspiracy if more  than one foreign power is involved.

Badly to failed in putting any proof of such a conspiracy before the Nation, Fawad and others who now destined to face charge of sedition for common violation of constitutional provisions Fawad Chaudhry lost sanity when he openly criticise all five members of Supreme Court of Pakistan which ruled against actions by PTI government.

Fawad is acting fearlessly as he has read the writing on the wall that sooner or later he has to pay for aiding in subversion of constitution ending his political career.