KARACHI: The tabling of No-Confidence Motion against Prime Minister Imran Khan was delayed beyond limit provided in the constitution and if it is tabled on Monday, March 28 will  the delay could benefit the PTI in any way.

The motion if placed before  the house for seeking leave by majority of the members voting for or against the leave grant, and if leave is granted then again the voting could be held three days after and before expiry of seven days. The calculation leads to maximum of seven days which will expire on April 04.

The political temperature would be at highest level as no one knows what PTI plans after its meeting on March 27. The supporters of JIU will be reaching Islamabad on 26 th, PML-N caravan led by Mariyum Nawaz Sharif and Hamza Shehbaz Sharif is due to moved towards Islamabad on March 27, Sunday. It may enter into Islamabad same evening ot nect day i.e March 29.

The huge number of activists from different political parties will be converging around same time and in present charged atmosphere the dangers of clashes cannot be ruled out and fears of derailment of democracy are increasing. This situation suit the ruling party most and in view of aggressive statements from PTI leaders, danger to political set up is bothering the decision makers.

Political analyst believe that delay will not benefit the ruling party or the Prime Minister as with passage of time more fissures and more and more allies will announce their decision to part with the ruling coalition ripping PM Imran Khan of majority in the parliament. Exit of Imran is written on the wall, it is to be seen it would be a respectable exit or other wise, political analysts believe.