KARACHI: The Professionals Network, a professional event management company operating in the fast evolving world of major national and international events, hosted an event titled, “Islamic Finance Expo and Conference (IFEC)” in Karachi. Pak-Qatar Family Takaful proudly participated at the event.

Mr. Azeem I. Pirani, CEO Pak-Qatar Family Takaful moderated a session with senior officials from the Islamic Finance Industry. The panel discussion was on “Post COVID-19 Growth and Challenges of Non-Banking Financial Institutions” which included conversations on the role of technology driven solutions for customers, impact on businesses, and how NBFIs came out stronger post pandemic.

Discussions on critical issues were presented by the panel speakers as well as potential solutions were highlighted for maximum financial inclusions via Islamic Finance. Takaful as a whole is playing a major role for maximum turnover in the industry.