SHC orders “DE NOVO” proceedings in a Toyota Surf case run under official number

KARACHI: Deciding a Special Custom Reference Application (SCRA) filed by Directorate General of Intelligence & Investigations and a connected petition filed by one Abdul Hamee Sheikh, claiming to be owner of a Toyota Surf Vehicle bearing Registration Number/Number Plate GP 3508, a customs appellate bench of High Court of Sindh ordered “De Novo” proceedings with directions to call all relevant documents which shall be produced officially either by the parties or by the concerned department.

According to details, D.I.T of Pakistan Customs intercepted a Toyota Surf vehicle run under Registration Number GP 3508 on suspicion. It was found that a Toyota Crown vehicle with same  registration number is operated for protocol duties at Custom Head quarters.

The matter was taken to the Special Customs Tribunal, Karachi which ordered release of the vehicle. The counsel for the department pointed out that Motor Vehicle Possession Slip issued by the Motor Vehicle Registration Wing (MVR) says that Toyota Crown car is registered against Registration Number GP 3508. He said that finding and order of the appellate tribunal is not reconcilable.

The bench allowed the SCRA holding that it deem remanding the case to concerned collectorate as “appropriate”. The bench disposed of the connected petition sat aside orders passed by the Customs Heirarchy ordering the concerned collector to start fresh proceedings procuring all relevant documents and to pass appropriate fresh order.

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