Enforcement Karachi foils bid to smuggle betel nut from Afghanistan to Pakistan

KARACHI: MCC Enforcement Karachi has seized a truck loaded with smuggled betel nut underneath dried apricots at Allied Chowk, Metroville Site area.

Initial investigation revealed the dried apricots were being exported to China from Afghanistan via Karachi. The goods had been dispatched by M/s Haroon Milad Co Ltd to M/s Zhuhai Changming Import and Export.

However, certain elements loaded the betel nut bags underneath apricots for the purpose of smuggling into Karachi. 4.5 tons of betel nut has been seized and investigations are underway.

It is evident that transit trade goods are still being pilfered during the transit in the country, which means the government revenue is being leaked.

It may be mentioned here that money laundering and terrorist financing is almost eliminated after measures were taken by Imran Khan led Pakistan government in the wake of FATF. Anti-smuggling is at the core of PM Imran Khan’s strategy.

Similarly, smuggling of Irani diesel has been eliminated, which has been a nuisance for Pakistan for long.

Around two years are left for PTI government to deliver on its commitments. In an year, election campaigns will be in full swing.

Although, money laundering and terror financing is eliminated, but still the money made from smuggling can still fund such elements. Therefore, focus of the authorities is on eliminating smuggling.

Pakistan Customs has increased vigilance and monitoring at various stations including Quetta, Gwadar, Karachi, Lahore and Peshawar, as these stations are prone to flow of smuggled goods.

Sources said earlier there were warehouses in Afghanistan near border, and the transit goods were dumped at these warehouses and then these were smuggled back into Pakistan. Agreements are being discussed with Taliban government in Afghanistan, and removal of these warehouses and elimination of smuggling into Pakistan will be the prime term of these agreements.

Sources said measures taken by government have eliminated smuggle of Irani diesel, which has reduced the sale of Iran’s oil products.

China, Russia, Pakistan have welcomed Taliban takeover and the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) is expected to provide a boost to new Afghan government in dealing with economic crisis.

An official said India’s investment to the tune of billions of dollars was wasted in Afghanistan, which also ended India’s dreams of a ‘Larger India’.

Pakistan, Kashmir and Afghanistan firmly believe in “Ghazwa-e-Hind’ while India believes in the ideology of ‘Greater India’. These are conflicting ideologies, and it is due to this reason India has bitter relationship with its neighbours.


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