DIT has jurisdiction alone when item imported is mis-declared

KARACHI: The Directorate of Intelligence and Investigations (DIT) can interfere only when the items in a consignment is found different from one declared by the importer, observed a customs appellate bench of High Court of Sindh.

The bench was hearing a petition filed by Durt Apparals importer of fabric which was held by the DIT after the consignment was “out of charge”.

According to the respondent custom officials hold was placed due to dispute over classification and valuation.

Irfan Ali advocate representing the petitioner company maintained that hold was illegal and lab report was in favor of the petitioner.

The counsel appearing for the customs defended the hold by DIT and referred to section 18(b) of the Customs Act 1969. Do not teach us the law, DIT has jurisdiction when item found is different from item declared, the bench said adding that DIT official is not an assessment officer. DIT can only join in, in a joint assessment alone, the bench said adjourning the matter till after winter vacations when it asked the respondents to come-up with written explanation.

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