Well reputed officers appointed on sensitive positions in Customs

KARACHI: MCC Appraisement East has redistributed work among Additional Collectors within the collectorate with immediate effect.

Additional Collector Yasim Murtaza is assigned Headquarters, Group-III, V,VI & VIII; R&D, Law, MIS, PM citizen Portal, Laboratory, FTA Cell, Classification committee and Revenue Analysis. Yasin Murtaza is a very honest and competent officer.

Yasin Murtaza is known as the ‘sweeper’ and he weeds out the corrupt practices wherever he is posted. An official said Yasin Murtaza in the R&D section would strengthen Customs control and revenue leakage would be plugged.

Similarly, Additional Collector Afzal Ahmed Watto is looking after Examination and container terminals. Watto is a highly competent and honest officer, Watto looking after Examination leaves no chance of mis-declaration and under-invoicing.

Collector Appraisement East Engr. Riaz Memon is quite serious in streamlining the affairs and MCC Appraisement East and merit based appointments on sensitive positions confirms that Engr. Riaz Memon means business.

Member Customs Tariq Huda is pursuing the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) policy of anti-smuggling and trade facilitation. Tariq Huda has posted Ashad Jawwad Ashad Jawwad as Collector MCC Port Qasim, while Additional Collector Mushtaq Shahani in Port Qasim would form synergies within the collectorate.

Similarly, Additional Collector Farukh Sajjad posted in MCC Appraisement West is another well reputed officer.

Imran Khan’s government is taking the right steps, and appointing Tariq Huda as Member Customs proves that the government is well aware of the issues of corruption and smuggling in the Customs.

Tariq Huda  has experience of both appraisement and enforcement, and he is now spearheading unprecedent anti-smuggling campaign.

Besides, Huda is a very capable administrator/manager.  Eduljee Dinshaw road was renovated under his supervision and the project secured the safety of Custom House.

Tariq Huda is implementing the Imran Khan government’s policy of eliminating corruption and smuggling and securing the government’s legitimate revenue. Chairman Javed Ghani should give Member Customs a free hand to continue.

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