KARACHI: The provincial government is yet to decide that whether annual sacrificial market which is set up every year on Super Highway will be established as usual or not, sellers have started bringing in the cattle head and so far 5000-6000 animals have been already brought.

The District Administration Malir and other departments manage the market where designated spots are allotted to the sellers besides provision of water, fodder etc from shops established by private persons.

The medics are forewarning the provincial government that Corona virus will spread fast if these sacrificial animal markets are established which are visited by millions of people including children who take extra-ordinary interest in purchasing animal of their own choice.

The pandemic may go out of control and worst scenario from what happened on Eid-ul-Fitr would be expected, said a Virologist. There are fears of spread of  Congo virus also as this time no check on animals brought for Eid-ul-Azha could be possible.

The prices have also jumped by 100 per cent as the “Bhatta” or illegal extortion by officials of different departments deployed to check interprovincial movements are minting money, said a seller who brought a herd of goats from Nawabshah.

This time we paid more at each “chowki”, he said adding that after arrival they are feeling helpless and fear about supply of fodder for their animals.

Health experts are sounding red alert and have asked the government to come up with a clear policy in respect of the sacrificial animal market said to be the biggest in Asia. Big market means big problem, they conclude opposing establishment of market this years.