This will ensure cheap fuel supply, Station owners:

Karachi: Petroleum stations owners and dealers have urged the Government to regulate the rates of petrol. Malik Khuda Bakhsh, Leader of Station Owners, requested Prime Minister Imran Khan to deregulate petrol and diesel prices to provide benefits to consumers and end the issue of disruption in the supply of petroleum products. To ensure the supply of low-priced fuel.

He appealed to the Prime Minister to set up a committee comprising OGRA, Oil Marketing Company, Petroleum Dealers and Station Owners who would be able to make recommendations in this regard.

He said, by implementing on this, the supply of uninterrupted low-priced petroleum products would be made possible to the people.

The deregulation of petrol prices will also give the government extra tax revenue. Not only does the deregulation of petrol and diesel will reduce prices like high octane but will also ensure the unending supply of fuel to the people round the clock, he said.

Mr Bukhsh stressed on the need to further strengthen the role of OGRA in this regard, he said that a liaison committee comprising representatives of petroleum dealers, station owners, oil marketing companies, OGRA and Ministry of Petroleum Division should also be constituted in order to avoid any kind of fuel crisis in the country in the future.

He added that due to deregulation of high octane price, the state-owned oil marketing company has recently reduced the price of high octane significantly, which will directly influence the consumers.