Fake hand sanitizers on sale as genuine products disappear, Masks shortage reported Karachi swarm medicine market for masks, sanitizers

KARACHI: Amid increasing number of Novel Coronavirus cases in Sindh, residents of Karachi panicked to buy masks and hand sanitizers but are ending up getting fake sanitizers and masks at 400 per cent high rates.

The market is short of branded sanitizers and purchaser are being offered unbranded fake sanitizers at rates almost 3 times higher. The market is full with fake products and people are purchasing the useless products. The gap between demand and availability is unprecedented allowing the hoarders and sellers of fake items to mint money.

The safety measures include washing hands with good quality soap and therefore instead of purchasing fake products at exorbitant rates it is better to use soaps, said a health worker.

The market sources maintains that prices of masks have soared due to very high demand as now people of Karachi fears Corona disease may become an pandemic.

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