Officers at Pakistan Customs outgrow the requirement

KARACHI: MCC Appraisement West has notified transfers and postings (work assignment) of 15 Deputy/Assistant Collectors despite only 12 sanctioned posts.

This is the situation across Pakistan Customs and Inland Revenue, as new officers keep coming, while the requirement is not there.

An official said new lot of officers is coming and FBR is creating posts to accommodate these new officers.

Jurisdictions of collectorate and directorates are being shortened and additional collectorates and directorates are being created to accommodate officers.

Moreover, with promotions of officers, new posts on senior levels are also being created.

This practice needs to be stopped. It is important that quota of Customs and Inland Revenue should be reduced for new officers.

If this practice is not stopped, the FBR force, which has already outgrown the requirement, would be a burden on exchequer.

MCC Appraisement West has redistributed work among following officers.

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