Misuse of SRO 492: Assistant Collector and other officials put duty off

KARACHI: Sharjeel Jamal of M/s UTrade Logistics has highlighted loss of government revenue to the tune of one billion rupees through the misuse of SRO 492(I)/2011 in connivance with the Customs authorities.

In a letter to Prime Minister, Jamal noted that the SRO 492(I)/2011 is being grossly misused in regard to the import of fabric causing revenue loss to the tune of billions of rupees to the national exchequer in collusion with the Customs authorities as they had allowed concessionary regime to the fake importer-manufacturers of fabric to avail undue exemptions.

As a matter of fact, these fake importer manufacturers are not entitled to exemption as they are engaged in the business of textile weaving, spinning, material except apparel/garments.

This information can easily be verified at the time of filing of Goods Declaration (GD) in the WeBOC System of Pakistan Customs through Active Taxa Payers List (ATL). It was the mandatory function of the customs authorities to verify the category of the importer manufacturer filing GDs before allowing the benefit of the aforesaid SRO.

However, this exercise was deliberately avoided by the Customs authorities to grease their palms.

Sharjeel Jamal proposed to conduct a thorough inquiry into the matter by an impartial inquiry officer not from the Pakistan Customs.

Meanwhile, Customs authorities have put duty off one Assistant Collector, a Principal Appraiser and an Appraising Officer in this regard and investigation is underway.

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