PPL inaugurated industrial home to help increase women’s income

KARACHI: Pakistan Petroleum Limited (PPL) inaugurated Behbud Industrial Home (PPL-BIH) hoping to increase livelihood generation potential of local women residing near the company’s Adhi Field in Punjab.

Manager, Adhi Field PPL Shaheen Parwez Akhtar inaugurated the facility along with Behbood Association of Pakistan’s (BAP) President Abida Malik.

Initially established by PPL in 2011 under the name of Women Vocational Training Centre (WVTC), PPL-BIH has evolved into an industrial unit for developing traditional clothing, accessories and leather goods by local women trained at the centre.

Income from the sale of manufactured goods will not only enhance women’s income but also enable PPL-BIH to manage its operational cost. PPL has already provided Rs. 5 million to BAP for machinery and fixtures.

Since 2011, over 700 local women have been trained in stitching, embroidery and dress making at the centre. In 2014, BAP partnered with PPL to operate the centre while engaging trained local women, who now number over 500, in carrying out traditional embroidery on dresses sold directly at BAP outlets, enabling them to generate regular income.

In another CSR initiative, PPL Syed handed over around 150 fuel-efficient and smokeless stoves to local communities belonging to Harboi and Sheikhari union councils of District Kalat, Balochistan.

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