OGDC announces discovery of oil and gas

LONDON: The Oil and Gas Development Company (OGDC) Pakistan has notified that as per information received from MOL, the operator of TAL Block, hydrocarbons have been encountered in Development well Makori Deep-02, which has been drilled and is currently under testing phase.

As a result of drill stem test (DST) conducted at the well to test the potential of Lockhart formation, the well has tested 1,844 barrels per day of oil and 18.25 MMscf of gas per day at 32/64″ fixed choke size at the flowing wellhead pressure of 3,767 psi. Production from the well is expected to start from December, 2019.

A drill stem test is a procedure for isolating and testing the surrounding geological formation through the drill stem. The test is a measurement of pressure behavior at the drill stem as is a way to obtain important fluid sampling information and to establish the probability of commercial production.

According it should be borne in mind that actual production may differ significantly from the test results. Pre-commerciality working interest of OGDCL is 30%

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