Aslam Aini’s bail application deferred, Imran Khan sent to jail

KARACHI: Special Court Customs and Taxation Karachi has deferred the bail application of Aslam Aini and granted four more days remand to Anti Smuggling Organization (ASO) of MCC Preventive Karachi, while Imran Khan is sent to jail custody.

Imran Khan is nominated in a number of FIRs pertaining to smuggling, switch bill of lading and replacement of transshipment cargo. On Imran Khan’s pointing Aslam Aini was arrested by ASO Preventive as investigations into the clearance of high value goods in the garb of used clothing make progress.

ASO Karachi had first detected the scam that high value and high tariff goods are being cleared from green channel in the garb of used clothing and scrap. Subsequently, MCC Appraisement East made two cases and lodged FIRs.

Aslam aka Aini is already nominated in several FIRS but never was arrested before. Imran Khan has admitted clearing several consignments of various high value and restricted goods in the garb of used clothing through green channel in connivance with the Customs officials.

MCC Appraisement East and MCC Appraisement West had also filed application in the court seeking custody of both the accused under remand.

Sources said investigations in various cases, name of a lawyer came up who provides protection to certain unscrupulous elements, the said lawyer also harbors wanted accused until bail is granted.

Sources said the lawyer was said to be partner in business of certain traders and agents known for their notoriety.

Whenever, certain habitual wrongdoers are presented before court, the lawyer’s own staff members along with other associates dressed as lawyers create law and order situation to make good escape of accused from the court premises. The lawyer is also known to harass the customs officials to provoke them.

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