CPF Rules amended to ensure substantial financial assistance for the families of martyrs

KARACHI: The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has notified amendments in Unified CPF Rules 2014 to ensure financial assistance for the families of ‘Shuhada’ (martyrs) and regulate the income/expenditure from the Common Pool Fund (CPF).

According to the amendments financial assistance, to the family of Shuhada (martyrs), is set at up to Rs15 million.

This assistance is for the widows and kids or parents (for un married officers/officials) of officers/officials who embrace ‘Shahadat’ in the line of duty through provision of ‘Mahana Bahbud Certificates’ or other monthly saving schemes of National Savings. Rs2.5 million for BS-1-5 officials; Rs5.0 million for BS-6-15 officials; Rs7.5 million for BS-16 officials; Rs10 million for BS17-18 officers; Rs12.5 million for BS-19 officers and Rs15 million for BS20-21 officers.

According to the amendments in the CPF Rules officers living in a rented house who do not avail the facility of government accommodation will be paid monthly house rental subsidy to the tune of Rs30,000 to BS17 & BS-18 officers; Rs35,000 for BS-19 officers and Rs40,000 for BS20, BS-21 and BS-22 officers.

With the above capping, the House Rent Subsidy paid to an officer will be the difference of the rent paid and the amount paid by the government.

CPF Rules provide medical charges for the officers/officials and their dependents, reimbursement up to 75% of the cost of consultation, treatment, diagnostics and medicines with the capping of Rs.20,000/months.

Annual stipends for education of two dependent children of BS-1 to 14 staff who secure 65% marks in Matric and admitted to college with a ceiling of Rs.40,000/annum up till graduation (Bachelors Degree) subject to scoring of 65% marks in each subsequent year; Rs.75,000/annum for the masters degree subject to scoring of 65% marks in each year.

Subsidy on Marriage Expenditure: An amount of Rs100,000 each for not more than two children of class-IV staff.

Burial expenses of Rs100,000 for in service death of a class-IV staff or spouse. Stipend for Widows is set at an amount of Rs10,000/month for in service death of a class-IV staff.

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