Will world change after New Zealand mosque attacks

By Ashfaq-ur-Rahman
The worst ever incident of terrorism in New Zealand on Friday in which 50 worshippers offering Juma prayers were martyred jolted not only the affected families but the entire world’s conscience.

The lone killer who moved freely with a number of sophisticated semi automatic rifles and car load of ammunition said to be Australian with a British passport and was stated to be un-known to authorities on War Against Terror. This simply exposes the weakness of joint efforts against religious terrorism including lack of intelligence, lack of coordination between the security agencies of the world especially European countries.

Why the particular country and place was chosen by the killer are questions yet to be investigated as the accused in custody was charged only with murder during production before a court . The other charges including charge of terrorism would follow, says the prosecutors.

The incident also proved that terrorism is not native to Muslim countries alone but is a universal phenomenon and this monster could raise its head anywhere in the world. Terrorist can be anywhere, may strike at will leaving the authorities at disadvantage as element of surprise is a major factor.

The response from New Zealand police was also said to be slow as its response time was stated to be 20 minutes while nearest police post was said to be only two minutes away. The incident also generated a serious debate about gun control laws and New Zealand government expressed its desire to review the relevant laws making their cities as safe as before.

Over a dozen Pakistani were either killed or are missing till now but it was again a moment of pride for Pakistani nation that one of its citizen tried to overpower the killer. He suffered three bullets and embraced martyrdom with his lone son.

The reaction from the world is re-assuring as the role of American government, policy of hatred by Trump’s administration and attempts to increase the religious and cultural divide, blaming Muslims for every act of terrorism is being discussed afresh and attracting worldwide condemnation and criticism.

United States of America was blamed for the Friday’s incident because of its policies and intervention in affairs of Muslim states and military presence in Muslim countries.

The world must change now and must re-define terrorism as it has no border, no religion, no culture, no reason and is a crime against humanity.

The world must realize that religious tolerance , non interference in affairs of other countries and preventing hegemonic d signs of America are basic steps which shall be taken to make this world safe and peaceful.

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