NAB acquires green channel clearance data as investigations proceed

KARACHI: The National Accountability Bureau (NAB) is investigating misuse of Green Channel facility, which caused a heavy loss to the national exchequer as well as enabled influx of various goods including contrabands into the country.

Directorate of Risk Management Unit (RMU), Custom House, Karachi has forwarded the Green-Channel clearance data to National Accountability Bureau (NAB), Karachi as required by Director, NAB, Karachi Region.

The NAB is in the process of analyzing the data and, as per a credible source, has demanded further data from Director (RMU) who was earlier reluctant to share the data on grounds that all data to be shared with NAB is required to be provided through the Office of Chief Collector.

However, due to mounting pressure from the NAB, the data has been provided in first phase.

It may be recalled that Chief Justice of Pakistan took a suo moto action on a complaint pertaining to corruption and revenue evasion through green channel and ordered an inquiry into the matter. [the_ad id=”31605″] The inquiry conducted by Intelligence & Investigation – FBR placed on record that Green Channel facility had been mercilessly abused by some syndicates of unscrupulous importers and the possibility of connivance of few customs officers could not be ruled out.

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