KARACHI: Director General Customs Valuation has rejected a revision petition seeking revision of Valuation Ruling No.1206/2017 and upheld the values of knob and handle door locks determined vide the said valuation ruling.

Certain importers including M/s J.K Enterprises and others approached Director General Customs Valuation praying that the Valuation Ruling No.1206/2017 does not cover the present fluctuation of prices or international market which have been reduced to about half of the prices.

The importers prayed the said ruling was issued on forced construction of Section 25 of the Act and should be withdrawn forthwith.

The importers also agitated that the customs values notified vide the impugned Valuation Ruling are not tantamount with the market prices and are on higher side. However, they did not produce any substantive argument or document in support of their claim.

Director General noted importers had failed to prove with conclusive evidence that the values worked out in the impugned ruling were on higher side. On the other hand, the department presented details of valuation exercise conducted to determine the values of door locks.

Department explained that comprehensive market survey was conducted; prices of various locks were obtained from the market and that the working done by the department to arrive at the assessable values were based upon prices of low end locks.

Perusal of case record and the defense of the department reveal that the Directorate of Customs Valuation while issuing the impugned valuation ruling associated the importers including the petitioners. Further, the values of subject goods have already been rationalized by the department while revising the previous Valuation Ruling and notifying the impugned ruling.

After detailed deliberation Director General rejected the revision application and upheld the values determined vide Valuation Ruling No.1206/2017.