KARACHI: Pakistan Maritime Security Agency (PMSA), in pursuance on information passed by MCC Preventive, has recovered a large quantity of liquor and beer cans from a sinking boat, which was abandoned by the smugglers.

According to details, Collector Preventive Dr. Iftikhar passed on information through Additional Collector Aamir Thaim about the movement of liquor. Deputy Collector Mohammad Faisal and his team comprising SPS Khalid Tabassum, SPO Azhar Malik and others pursued the information and collected the details.  Since, MCC Preventive does not have the resources to carry out open sea operations, the information was forwarded to PMSA.

PMSA intercepted a wooden launch loaded with liquor during sea patrolling on March 28, 2018; however the crew of the boat fled in speed boats making a hole in the hull of the boat.

Subsequently, PMSA communicated the seizure to MCC Preventive and asked to take over physical possession of the seized contraband on April 02, 2018.

A team comprising of anti-smuggling staff of MCC Preventive took possession of 9392 bottles of liquor and 45218 beer cans. Customs officials were informed the crew of the launch feld on speed boats taking advantage of darkness and making a hole in the launch, which ultimately sank in the deep sea.

However, some gunny bags were recovered from launch and taken into possession. The bags were filled with liquor bottles and beer cans of assorted brands. MCC Preventive seized the goods and lodged an FIR, while investigations are underway.

An official said MCC Preventive had been quite efficient against smuggling as Directorate of Customs Intelligence & Investigation had gone lenient.