KARACHI: Irregularities are at peak at the Directorate General of Customs Intelligence & Investigation, while the officers are helpless in imposing the writ as the top office of Customs Intelligence & Investigation is allegedly patronizing the unscrupulous elements.

In the latest incident, one bullet-proof Land Cruiser Cygnus has disappeared from the custody of Customs Intelligence & Investigation, Quetta. FC Balochistan had confiscated a bullet-proof vehicle and the same was handed over to Customs Intelligence, Quetta. Intelligence Officer Nasrullah had been appointed IO of the case. But, in a mysterious event the subject vehicle disappeared from the custody of Customs.

Sources said FC Balochistan and other agencies have taken notice of the incident as disappearance of a bullet-proof vehicle poses a grave security risk. The investigations into the case are underway. It may be mentioned here that smuggling has resurfaced after change of guards at the Directorate General of Customs Intelligence & Investigation.

Smuggling, on one hand, inflicts loss on to the national economy and on the other hand the money made from this dirty business funds terrorists and anti-social elements.

It may be recalled that Customs authorities with the assistance of FC and paramilitary forces had almost eliminated the menace and smuggling was controlled to a maximum extent. Then IG FC Sher Afghan, Brig. Khalid Beg and Maj. Hasan in close coordination with Customs Intelligence & Investigation led by Director General Chaudry Imtiaz launched a grand crack-down against smuggling.

A number of showrooms housing smuggled vehicles were raided and several cases were made. A similar crack down was launched against smuggling of diesel, which also resulted in significant decline in the incidents of terrorism in Balochistan.

Unfortunately, now Customs Intelligence & Investigation has allegedly deviated from its responsibility and smuggling is flourishing again.