KARACHI: The Customs anti-smuggling staff of MCC Gwadar is pursuing a rigorous anti-smuggling campaign and seized a huge cache of high quality hashish (charas) and opium worth Rs40 million and arrested two accused on Monday.

The Customs anti-smuggling staff of MCC Gwadar, posted at Khurkhera Check Post in one of its anti-smuggling raids on the RCD highway, a truck bearing No. TKU-780 coming from Quetta loaded with apples was intercepted at Khurkhera.

After thorough rummaging of the vehicle, hidden cavities found in the back side of the driver’s seat. The cavities were cut open, which resulted in recovery of high quality Hashish (Charas) weighing 650 Kgs having a value of Rs. 39 million in the international market and 08 Kgs Opium having a value of Rs. 0.8 million in the international market.

The value of impounded vehicle is Rs2.5 million. Two accused persons namely Syed Allah Muhammad S/o Syed Khan Muhammad and Islam Din S/o Abdul Hadi have also been arrested.

The aggregate value of the seized narcotics and the vehicle comes to approximately Rs42.3 million. FIR in the case is being lodged and further investigations would be carried out to apprehend others involved in this crime.

Frontier Constabulary (FC) Balochistan and Pakistan Customs have launched a grand crackdown against the smugglers.

It may be recalled that while General Raheel Sharif was Chief of Army Staff, the incidences of terrorism across the country and particularly in Balochistan had been almost eliminated. Then IG FC Balochistan Sher Afghan had curbed smuggling to a major extent and resultantly the terrorist activities had reduced to nominal during Sher Afgan’s time.

Now, Brig. Tasawwar of FC Balochistan is following the footsteps and committed to end smuggling, which is the prime source of funding terrorists and anti-social elements.

Pakistan is faced with multiple threats and enemies abroad have been chalking out various designs to derail the economy and peace in the country. The China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) is also being targeted. In order to foil the nefarious designs, Customs and FC are convinced that stopping the funding to terrorist elements was a pre-requisite, hence a grand campaign against smuggling is underway.

Smuggling causes collateral damage to the country as on one hand it adversely affects the local industry and legitimate traders and on the other hand, terrorists and anti-social elements are funded through the money made with this dirty business.