KARACHI: MCC Appraisement East has redistributed work among Deputy/Assistant Collectors with immediate effect.

Deputy Collector Mohamad Ali Malik is assigned headquarters, R&D, Group-V, Audit (external & internal) and CPF.

Deputy Collector M. Qasim Khokhar is assigned Group-II, FTA Cell, One-Customs, Recovery & Recovery Officer, Law & FTO.

Deputy Collector Ali Ijaz is assigned Group-III & IV, MIS, Adjudication (DC level), WeBOC role of printing cheques and transshipment.

Deputy Collector Riaz Hussain is assigned Group-IV & VI, User ID, Secretary Classification Committee.

Deputy Collector Suhaib Hashmi is assigned Group-I, Warehousing, Laboratory, DTRE, Facilitation and Coordination.

Assistant Collector Abeer Javaid is assigned Group-VII, LAW & FTO-II and MIS-II. Assistant Collector Faizan Badar is assigned Group-VIII, Adjudication (AC level), Pre-refund Audit, Securities, User ID-II, DR for the cases before Chairman Appellate Tribunal. Assistant Collector Hamza Lak is assigned examination and auction.