KARACHI: It has become quite easy to harass government officers and officials, any person running a website or printing handful of magazines can defame, pressurize and even character assassinate officers and officials. At least  a cartel of toy importers is doing this quite efficiently.

MCC Port Qasim has detected significant revenue evasion by M/s Boss Enterprises through mis-declaration of description of goods.

According to details, information was received from Additional Collector MCC Port Yasin Murtaza that some importers of toys will attempt to evade government revenue through mis-declaration of description of goods.

In order to verify the veracity of information a vigilant eye was kept on the imported consignments of toys and two Goods Declarations were placed under hold.

Additional Collector Yasin Murtaza assigned Deputy Collector R&D Ahsan Shah, Principal Appraiser R&D Shahid Hussain Rizvi, Appraising Officers Anwar Zeb and Insaram Rabbani to conduct examination of goods jointly with Deputy Collectors Amjad Rajpar and Mohammad Adnan and Examiner Talha and others, wherein description of goods was suspected to be twisted.

It was known that the importers M/s Boss Enterprises were clearing high value goods at lower values. It was found that toys having value in the range of $4-$5/kg were being cleared at declared values of $1.5/kg.

As per the packing list, the imported goods included baby push carriages, baby activity carriages, baby twister and baby walking seats. However, upon examination the goods were found to be battery operated car rides, children activity trike battery operated, stroller, walker riding car, baby push cars and walking seats etc.

Customs has calculated an attempted evasion of Rs5.0 million approximately on the above mentioned two goods declarations (GDs).

Sources said M/s Boss Enterprises along with associates were running the scams for over two years and approximately Rs0.7 million were evaded on each consignment, thus inflicting a loss to the tune of million to the national exchequer. One clearing agent Imran is said to be the master mind of this scam.

There is a particular group is involved in evading government revenue on import of toys. This cartel also owns a news website and a weekly magazine to serve as a pressure group. Whenever, an officer or official takes action against them, they opt for defaming and even character assassination of the these officials and officers through the above mentioned website and the weekly magazine.

Since they have developed their links with the senior officers, so officials investigating their affairs are transferred without any proper process.

It may be mentioned here that Deputy Collector Athar Naveed has already filed a defamation suit against this particular magazine and website for character assassination.

They have also targeted Principal Appraiser Zulfiqar Zaman and Examining Officer Talha and defamed them through their website and magazine. Now they are targeting the MCC Port Qasim team that has blocked their consignments.

Collector MCC Port Qasim and Additional Collector have taken the stand  against all odds and are committed to bring these culprits to task. This particular cartel operates through MCC Appraisement West, MCC Appraisement East, MCC Port Qasim, MCC Lahore and MCC Multan.