KARACHI: Pakistan Customs web based clearing system (WeBOC) is under DDOS cyber hacking attack, which has adversely affected clearing of import and export consignments.

The Customs security system provided by Trans World is trying to defend the cyber attack due to which the WeBOC system is restarting again and again. The Customs clearance has slowed down to a maximum extent.

Sources said the WeBOC system was encountering problems since Friday throughout the country and the technical staff of Customs and PRAL is unable to understand the issue.

Sources said the technical staff is treating the issue like a routine malfunction while in actual, it is a cyber attack. It was known that some virus had penetrated the system, which was trying to break the security locks and firewalls protecting the valuable and sensitive data.

PRAL staff is of the view that the system was over burdened due to which the system was facing problems and restarting to shed the load.