KARACHI: MCC Appraisement West, MCC Port Qasim and MCC Peshawar have initiated joint investigations into the affairs of Nauman Gul alias Nomi and his associates in the case of illegal import of fireworks and explosive material through mis-declaration.

According to details, one company M/s Iqra International was importing fireworks and other contrabands and declaring the goods as tiles and other miscellaneous goods. They used to file transshipment (TP) for different dry ports and the fireworks were either replaced during transit or the consignment was cleared through mis-declaration.

However, the crime was detected and FIR was lodged against several persons including Nomi and Sajid Hussain. Soon after that, another company M/s Dua Enterprises was found to be importing contraband fireworks in the same manner as M/s Iqra International. An FIR has also been lodged against M/s Dua Enterprises and Nauman Gul alias Nomi is also nominated in this FIR.

M/s Iqra International imported six consignments during June-July of 2016 and filed TP for all these consignments. Interestingly, M/s Port Connections was the bonded carrier of all these consignments. It may be mentioned here that M/s Port Connection is nominated in numerous FIRs pertaining to pilferage of US Army cargo, Afghan transit cargo and replacement of TP consignments.

It is known that the accused Nomi and his associates have got many companies registered and they are used for wrongdoings. M/s Dua Enterprises is one such company, which filed 20 GDs at MCC Appraisement West in March-April 2017 and filed four GDs at MCC Port Qasim during April 2017. Prior to this, there was no record of M/s Due Enterprises. Investigations into this abnormal pattern of imports led to detection of the scam that M/s Dua Enterprises was also a company of Nomi and was involved in illegal import of contraband goods.

Customs authorities have initiated investigation into the matter, which has become a high profile case.

It may be mentioned here the accused used to file complaints with NAB and FBR against the officers investigating the case with a view to pressurize them.

Deputy Collector Athar Naveed prepared a detailed report that the accused were using harassment tactics to divert Customs attention away from them. This report was forwarded to FBR by Collector Qurban Ali Khan.

Collector Appraisement West Shahnaz Maqbool Collector Port Qasim Saeed Akram and Collector Peshawar Qurban Ali Khan are jointly investigating the scam. More companies may be identified, which may be used for replacement of transshipment consignments.