KARACHI: MCC Port Qasim has lodged an FIR nominating/s M.R Steel Furnace for evading government revenue through mis-declaring description and classification of the imported goods.

M/s M.R Steel Furnace imported a consignment of 12 containers said to contain iron and steel remeltable shredded scrap under PCT 7304.4100 and paid upfront amount of duty and taxes.
Collector Port Qasim Saeed Akram passed this information regarding attempt of mis-declaration. Deputy Collector CIU Amjad Rajpar, Principal Appraiser Khalid Umar, Appraising Officer Amir Shuja, Rana Insram Rabbani conducted the examination of the consignment jointly and found the goods to be Aluminum shredded scrap without iron attachment in five containers while seven containers were stuffed with iron and steel remeltable shredded scrap.

Aluminum shredded scrap is classifiable under PCT 7602.0090 chargeable to customs duty 3.0 percent, sales tax 17 percent, Regulatory Duty 10 percent and Income Tax 5.5 percent. The total evasion has been found to the tune of Rs4.026 million. FIR has been lodged and investigations are under way.

Meanwhile, Collector Saeed Akram has advised Deputy Collector Law Tahir Abbas , Deputy Collector R&D Ahsanullah Shah, Principal Appraiser Tariq Aziz, Principal Appraiser Khalid Umar to pursue the cases and prosecution properly and no leniency in this regard would be tolerated.