KARACHI: MCC Port Qasim has reassigned work among officers and officials within the collectorate.

Accordingly, Deputy Collector Tahir Abbas is assigned Group-VIII (Ch: 86-99), Bulk/bonds/warehousing (Examination & processing) and Law-I (court cases).

Deputy Collector Salman Afzal is assigned Headquarters/Administration, Group-VI (Ch: 84-85), MIS/User-ID, Revenue Analysis, Transshipment (TP), Safe Transportation (ST) and Taxpayer Facilitation Help Desk.

Deputy Collector Ahsanullah Shah is assigned R&D, Preventive & Post Release Verification (PRV) and Refund.

Deputy Collector Amjad Hussain Rajpar is assigned Examination (QICT) and Group-III (Ch: 39-49). Deputy Collector Kaleemullah is assigned Group-V (Ch:72-83) and Audit (internal & external), Adjudication (DC level).

Assistant Collector Malik Mohammad Ahmed is assigned Group-IV (Ch: 50-71), Afghan Transit Legacy Issues, Recovery & Customs Lab.

Assistant Collector Mohammad Adnan Khan is assigned Examination (QICT) and Bank Guarantee. Assisatnt Collector Umair Mehmood is assigned Group-I (Ch: 01-27) and Group-II (Ch: 28-38). Assistant Collector Mustafa Zamir is assigned Examination (Off-dock terminals), Auction & Inter/Intra Port Movement and FTO.

Assistant Collector Malik Mohammad Ahmed is assigned additional charge of One Customs (Exam & Processing) while Assistant Collector Umair Mahmood Siddiqui is assigned additional charge of FTA Cell, MCD & Import Section.

Principal Appraiser Mohammad Ibrahim Khan is assigned Bulk, Bonds, Recovery, Afghan Transit Legacy issues and Auction. Principal Appraiser Aziz Sarwar is assigned Grioup-IV/V, Audit and FTA Cell.

Appraisers Khalid Parvez and Mohammad Akram Basra are assigned Group-I and FTA Cell. Appraiser Mohammad Akbar Chandio is assigned Group-II and Recovery Cell. Faiz Mudassir is assigned Group-VI and BG Cell. Abdul Raheel Shaikh is assigned Recovery Cell. Qaiser Nadeem Chatha is assigned Group-IV & ATL  Auction. Noor Mohammad Kalwar is assigned Group-V, Recovery and BG Cell. Abdul Rasheed Qureshi is assigned Examination (QICT), MTO, Bulk, One Customs (Examination) and BG Cell. Ali Shah is assigned Examination (QICT) and Import Exit Gate. Appraiser S.M Fawad is assigned Group-II and Law Branch.