KARACHI: Directorate General of Customs Valuation has amended the Valuation Ruling No.977/2016 and added two more region wise categories of pet food in the Ruling.

The commercial importer M/s Aamena Enterprises, Lahore represented by Darvesh K. Mandhan, Advocate stated that they are importing Cat & Dog Food under brand name “Winner Plus” from Germany which does not fall in the existing table and being assessed in ‘Others’ brands category at $1.10/kg.

They further contended that there is no justification for the customs values determined at $0.90/kg and for other brands at $1.10/kg. They are importing at $0.70/kg.

Ms. Saba Fahad Owner of M/s Pet Mania also appeared and stated that their brand `Josera’ from Germany was being imported at $0.50/kg but now increased to $1.10/kg falling in `Others’ brands category. She produced computer receipts of super stores where `Josera’ is regularly being sold in 25 kg packing at Rs5100/bag.

The petitioners contended that only one category should be made instead of two categories. They further stated that Chinese / Thailand are not exporting much as in bulk quantity is being imported from Europe. Two brands ‘Smart Heart’, ‘Me-O’ and `A-Pro’ are being imported from China / Thailand. These are being imported on higher rates in the market but the value has been fixed uniformly at $0.90/kg for all higher brands.

By making ‘Others’ category they have been driven out of the business. They are being assessed at higher rates whereas their products are of low price in the market. There is no justification for two categories when all higher brands are placed in first category, under low value.

Directorate General Syed Tanveer Ahmed noted the category ‘Others’ may be abolished as all higher value brands are placed in first category at S.No.1, so there is no justification of other brands at higher rates. Therefore, two categories may be made region-wise as under: Customs values of cat/dog (pet food) all origins under PCT 2309.1000 of Europe/North America are fixed at $0.90/kg and of Thailand/China origin at $0.76/kg.