FBR warns Chief Collector Apprasiement South to implement policy

FBR warns Chief Collector Apprasiement South to implement policy

KARACHI: The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has advised Chief Collector Appraisement South Abdul Rasheed Shaikh the implement the rotation policy regarding transfers and postings of officials of Appraisement Collectorates to Directorate General of Transit Trade, Karachi.

Chief Collectorate Appraisement South is empowered to make postings and transfers of officials from Appraisement collectorates to replace the similar number of officials at the Directorate of Transit Trade Karachi on six-monthly rotation basis.

FBR is a letter to Chief Collector Appraisement South and Directorate General of Transit Trade observed that rotation for postings and trasnfer under the above policy is not being implemented in letter and spirit and some officials are posted in the Directorate of Transit Trade for the last more than one years. It may be mentioned here that one Principal Appraiser Qamaruddin Samejo was posted at the Directorate and just after two months, Samejo was transferred to MCC Appraisement East.

P.A Qamaruddin Samejo did not complete his 6-month term at Directorate and Chief Collector posted him at MCC Appraisement East reportedly on political pressure. Abdul Rasheed Shaikh is considered the most respected and honest officers in Pakistan Customs. However, he is succumbing to the pressure from political circles.

Samejo was trasnferred back to MCC Appraisement East; quite recently Contravention served on M/s BBJ Pipes Industries was withdrawn and staff is advised not to serve contraventions in the cases of fiscal fraud if the recovery is made.

Withdrawal of Contravention and orders not to make contraventions against importers committing fiscal fraud and evasion is causing a collateral damage. The importers eligible of Green Channel facility usually loose this facility and their profile is marked if Order-in-Original is issued against them.

Since Contraventions are not being made on payment of leviable duty and taxes, the profile of unscrupulous elements remain intact and their eligibility to Green Channel is continuing risking huge loss to the national exchequer.

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