KARACHI: The Directorate of Post Clearance Audit has made remarkable performance in the month of July 2015 and detected 25 cases involving revenue of Rs62.888 million.

Post Clearance Audit headed by Director Gul Rehman detected one case pertaining to short payment of customs duty of Rs11.483 million and sales tax/WHT Rs38.585 million under SRO 450(I)/2001; short payment of anti-dumping duty, additional sales tax, FED and income tax to the tune of Rs2.154 was also detected. PCA also uncovered revenue leakage of Rs0.847 million due to the inadmissible benefit of SRO 565(I)/2006.

Gul Rehman and his team also identified short payment of sales tax and corresponding income tax in violation of SRO 1125(I)/2011 to the tune of Rs3.892 million.

The exchequer would have suffered a loss of customs duty Rs2.832 million and sales tax Rs3.091 million, if PCA had not detected mis-declaration of value and non application of valuation rulins as well as misuse of SRO 659(I)/2007.

PCA also detected three cases of DTRE for unconsumed quantity/wastage of material inputs imported under DTRE scheme.

Moreover, the Directorate prepared 33 contravention reports and 22 Audit observations during July 2015 involving total of duty and taxes of Rs151.731 million.