KARACHI: After the Islamabad High Court has advised Establishment Division to revise promotion formula and referred the cases of several officers for reconsideration, a number of officers are likely to be promoted in higher grades.

Sources said that if the judgment of IHC is not challenged by the Establishment Division, four Grade-20 officers of Pakistan Customs are very likely to be promoted in Grade-21. These include Khawar Farid Maneka, Imran Tariq, Syed Zulfiqar Ali Shah Kazmi and Khawaja Umer Mehdi.

Sources said once these four officers of Grade-20 are promoted, chances will be brighter for the promotion of Grade-19 officers of Pakistan Customs.

Officers likely to be promoted in Grade-20 include Mohammad Iqbal Bhawana, Imiaz Ahmed Shaikh, Faiz Ahmed, Gul Rehman, Nasrullah Khan Wazir, Amer Rashid Shaikh, Mohammad Asghar Khan, Wajid Ali, Shahnaz Maqbool, Ahmed Rauf and Imran Khan Mohmand.

Sources said that vacancies in Grade-20 are available in Customs to accommodate these officers. However, vacancies in Police, DMG and Inland Revenue have been filled up and if these scheme is implemented there, junior officers who were promoted to higher grades would have to be reverted back.

It may be mentioned the Islamabad High Court (IHC) has directed Establishment Division to reframe the formula pertaining to the promotions of civil servants and ordered that the cases of employees of BS-21 for promotion to BS-22 be placed before the high powered selection board within one month.

The High Court in its order noted that the assessment of officers shall be made on the basis of entire performance and in case any tangible material asking question about integrity of civil servants is available, any opinion of deferment or suppression may be made but not on the basis of hypothesis and reputation in air.

The Court said that formula of award of 15 marks at the disposal of Central Selection Board (CSB) with overriding effect of 05 marks and thereby placing the civil servants in categories A,B,C is against the dictums laid down by Supreme Court.

The discretion of award of marks by the CSB cannot bring the ACRs/TERs evaluation into naught and CSB can only grant marks out of 15 at its discretion and marks of quantification to be added in making recommendations for promotion.

The Court declared the entire process carried out by CSB on the basis of formula introduced through Policy of 2012 as illegal.