KARACHI: Collector MCC Appraisement East Manzoor Memon, who has illegally holding transport permits of consignments being transported to Lahore dry port, has also put three officers on duty-off for legally clearing a TP consignment and allowing out of charge.

The IDs of these three officers including Assistant Collector Mohammad Faisal, Principal Appraiser Sikander Junejo and Appraising Officer Mohammad Fayyaz. These officers processed a Transshipment consignment as per the rules and laws.

Sources said that Memon was willing to increase his collectorate’s collection by usurping the jurisdiction of other collectorates. As the above mentioned officers processed the TP, Memon’s bid to usurp revenue of Lahore dry port was foiled. Collector Appraisement East could not be contacted to comment on the issue.

According to the details of the case M/s Bashir Pipe Industries, M/s HH Cold Rolling & tube Mills, M/s H.H Industry and M/s Asim Wire Nut Bold Industry imported consignments of prime hot rolled alloy steel sheets in coils, wire rod and billets for manufacture of  steel welded tubes and pipes.

These goods were imported in break bulk vessels and importers filed TP, which Collector MCC Lahore allowed and accordingly officers at MCC Appraisement East allowed the transshipment of goods and the goods were out of charge.

Delivery in respect of about 40 percent of the quantity of imported goods have already taken place, removed from port of entry to port of destination.

Later, the importers were seriously prejudiced on taking delivery of remaining balance quantity as the Manzoor Memon stopped giving delivery of goods and called back the original TPs from bonded carriers in which removal of goods was already allowed and goods were out of charge.

He raised the objection that the goods were not shipped in containers in terms of SRO 450(I)/2001.     The importers are of the opinion that the cargo comprise of bulk and heavy goods and was shipped in bulk vessel as these could not be stuffed in containers while the SRO 450(I)/2001 also provides transportation of heavy and bulk goods without container.

It provides that in exceptional cases, if any problem is faced in stuffing of LCL cargo in container, the bonded carrier shall approach the concerned Assistant or Deputy Collector of the port of entry who may allow transshipment of such goods in loose form subject to additional conditions, sealing requirements and other safeguards, as he deems appropriate.

Importers said that they were incurring heavy demurrages because of these inappropriate act of Collector Appraisement West.

Sources said that the goods held-up attracted duty and taxes of over Rs200 million and Manzoor Memon was desperate to show increased revenue collection to avoid his transfer from this ‘lucrative’ post.

Four Grade-20 postings are considered most important in Pakistan Customs include DG I&I, Collector Appraisement West, Collector Appraisement East and Collector Port Qasim. FBR is set to notify large scale transfers and postings.

Surayya Ahmed Butt Collector Port Qasim is willing to leave her post to go for training while Mohammad Saleem Collector Appraisement West is interested to go to FBR Islamabad while Manzoor Memon Collector Appraisement East is using excuses to avoid training.

Sources said that FBR is quite committed to remove Manzoor Memon from his existing post because of his not good reputation.

Similarly, Director Customs Intelligence Asif Marghoob Siddiqui is also using excuses to avoid management training and wants to keep his lucrative posting.